🧰️ DAT Linux PRO tools


Enhance your DAT Linux experience with extra power-tools including: back-up & restore; app upgrade notifications; app monitoring; custom links tab; dark theme; priority support; e-books assistant; all future PRO upgrades incl. new tools (on the DAT Linux 1.x release stream supported until 2027). One payment, perpetual license. All for an early-bird price of only $AUD38 via Paypal (39.50 via Patreon).

  • 🗣️ Every PRO user gets their name/business and website/social listed on the website.


Get here: PayPal or here: Patreon

After payment/registration the license and download will be created, and you will be sent your client secret via email.

  • ⚠️ Discounts for bulk licenses are available, please get in touch.


Make sure to upgrade your system to get the latest DAT Linux packages:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Then run the “Install Pro” tool from the “PRO Tools” tab in the DAT Linux Control Panel.

You will be asked to enter the customer id (email) and secret.


Please contact datlinux AT protonmail DOT com for any enquiries re PRO tools.


A big thanks to PRO trial participants, and new PRO users..

Damon Lehr:
Stephen Hinkley:
Leon Sugden:
K. Corcoran:
Josh, Almonte:
L Averyt:
Frank (Cologne):
James Davis:
Matt K:
Derek Mazer:
Martijn Buikema (Netherlands):

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