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DAT Linux is a Linux distribution for data science. It brings together all your favourite open-source data science tools and apps into a ready-to-run desktop environment. It’s based on Ubuntu 22.04, so it’s easy to install and use. The custom DAT Linux Control Panel provides a centralised one-stop-shop for running and managing dozens of data science programs.

DAT Linux is perfect for students, professionals, academics, or anyone interested in data science who doesn’t want to spend endless hours downloading, installing, configuring, and maintaining applications from a range of sources, each with different technical requirements and set-up challenges.

Introducing: DAT Linux PRO tools. Enhance your DAT Linux with extra power-tools including back-up/restore, app update notifications, app monitoring, custom links tab, dark theme, etc. One payment, perpetual license. Get PRO now!

Get started:

  • ⬇️ Download DAT Linux, and get on with doing data science without the headaches.

  • ℹ️ FAQ for more answers to some questions you may have.

  • 💬️ Github Community channel for annoucements, or to post any feedback, issues or general queries.

📀️ Get a customised DAT Linux ISO for your school/college/university.

List of supported data science apps:

Suggest an app:

App Description
BiRT Eclipse BIRT™ is an open source reporting system for producing compelling BI reports
ClickHouse ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented DBMS for online analytical processing
Data Cleaner Data Quality toolkit that allows you to profile, correct, and enrich your data
Datasette Datasette is a tool for exploring and publishing data visually and with SQL
DB Browser DB Browser for SQLite is a visual, open source tool to create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite
DBeaver Free multi-platform database tool for developers, database administrators, analysts and all people who need to work with databases
Druid Apache Druid is a real-time database to power modern analytics applications
D-Search Convenient interface to the “webtools” R package to search for datasets in –all– CRAN packages
DuckDB DuckDB is an in-process SQL OLAP database management system
E-Git EGit is an Eclipse based GUI for the Git version control system
Emacs+ESS Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) is an add-on package for GNU Emacs to interact with statistical analysis programs such as R, S-Plus, SAS, Stata and OpenBUGS/JAGS
Gephi Gephi is the leading visualization and exploration software for all kinds of graphs and networks
Glue-viz Glue is a UI and Python library to explore relationships within and among related datasets
Gnumeric Gnumeric is a spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project
GNU Plot gnuplot is a command-line and GUI program that can generate two- and three-dimensional plots of functions, data, and data fits
Grafana Grafana is a popular open-source platform for data visualization and monitoring
G-Vim A GUI wraper for the Vim screen-based text editor program, with plugins for R installed
IPython A command shell for interactive computing with a convenient console launcher
Julia Julia is a high-level, high-performance, dynamic programming language
Jupyter Notebook The Jupyter Notebook is a web-based interactive, scientific computing platform
Jupyter Lab JupyterLab is the latest web-based interactive development environment for notebooks, code, and data
KNIME KNIME Analytics Platform is open source software for data science
LabPlot Free, open source and cross-platform Data Visualization and Analysis software accessible to everyone
LibreOffice Calc LibreOffice Calc is the spreadsheet component of the LibreOffice software package
Luigi Luigi provides a framework to develop and manage data processing pipelines
Meld Meld is a visual file diff and merge tool
Metabase Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool
MOA MOA is an open source framework for Big Data stream mining. It includes a collection of machine learning algorithms
OpenRefine OpenRefine is an open-source desktop application for data cleanup and transformation to other formats
Orange Orange is a powerful platform to perform data analysis and visualization
Paraview ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application
Pluto A Pluto notebook is made up of small blocks of Julia code (cells) and together they form a reactive notebook
PSPP GNU PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a free as in freedom replacement for the proprietary program SPSS
QGIS QGIS is a Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
Quarto Quarto® is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc
R R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics
R-Studio RStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R
Scilab Scilab is a free and open-source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language
Spyder Spyder is a free and open source scientific environment written in Python, for Python, and designed by and for scientists, engineers and data analysts
Superset Apache Superset is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application
Tabula Tabula is a free tool for extracting data from PDF files into CSV and Excel files
Veusz Veusz is a scientific plotting and graphing program with a graphical user interface, designed to produce publication-ready 2D and 3D plots
Visidata Visidata is an interactive multitool for tabular data. It combines the clarity of a spreadsheet, the efficiency of the terminal, and the power of Python, which can handle millions of rows with ease
VSCodium VSCodium is a community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s editor VS Code (ready with plugins for R/RMarkdown, Python/Jupyter, Julia)
Weka Weka is a GUI and collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks
WxMaxima wxMaxima is a document based interface for the computer algebra system Maxima
Zeppelin Web-based notebook that enables data-driven, interactive data analytics and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala, Python, R and more