Customised ISO

🗃️ Get a branded, customised data science distro

Customised DAT Linux ISO and repo for your team - open the guide

$395* (one payment) - Buy here 🔗️

  • A custom ISO build with your team’s branding
  • Private, custom named ISO download and link
  • Private APT repo for a dedicated DAT Linux Control Panel
  • Merge approval of new global repo features into your private APT repo
  • Your own “tab” on the Control Panel
  • Add your own custom icons/links or apps** to the control panel
  • Configurable, shared python ‘pip’ package cache (see notes)
  • Installation support***: up to two hours of live support to assist with any installation issues
  • Desktop support***: up to four hours of 24-hour-turnaround email support for any DAT Linux related assistance
  • Priority bug fixes
  • Priority consideration and fast-tracking of new app ideas (for universal apps)****
  • A Silver Sponsor membership for 12 months
  • And of course, a DAT-Linux coffee mug (you’ll have to fight over who gets it)

* USD - special early-bird price

** Custom apps to be quoted separately, as they can vary in implementation complexity (starting from ~$100 per app). Icon/links can be added/edited by you via configuration

*** Extra support packages beyond those included can be negotiated

**** New apps should have a FOSS version, be universally useful, related to data science, and feasible to include

Other ways to show your support..

💳️ You can Donate to help support DAT Linux development.

👥️ By becoming an ongoing sponsor. Vist the Sponsor page for details and benefits.